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These graduate images explore the creative potential of photography in a manner that challenges existing practice. The focus of the course is a very personal creative practice in which students create images they are passionate about supported by an excellent understanding of the potential professional contexts for their work.

Each exhibitor has worked tirelessly, interrogating their interests and passions in order to develop their visual identity. This work provides an overview of each individuals work and demonstrates the individuality of approach that is key to successfully commencing a career in photography. 

BA (Hons) Photography at NUA provides students with the opportunity to develop a highly personal, unique and creatively aspirational practice, whilst giving them the practical skills and understanding to apply their vision to a range of contexts within the professional creative industries. The course champions personal practice that is professional and can be applied within the commissioned sector. This is vital as it enables our graduates to produce work that is not only individual but also appropriate for the highly aspirational sector of the photographic industries.

As students progress, there is an increasing emphasis on the development of an informed personal practice; a space to explore and experiment with ideas, passions and interests that develop a visual sensibility. Students are encouraged to utilise a range of practices from within historical boundaries of photography and at the cutting edge of contemporary practice by exploring techniques from other areas of creative practice including moving image, computer-generated imagery (CGI), animation and illustration in order to realise their creative goals.